2011: New Year Goals and Resolutions

So, finally 2010 is about to say good bye forever. This is the right time to look back and 2010 and learn from all the mistakes we made, and to come up with a list of goals for coming new year, 2011.

According to USA.gov, here is the top list of goals people make:

goal setting

What Why & When?

What Goals Should I Set:

Any goals you want to achieve in a year’s time – it could be anything mentioned above, or one of your own – find a date, move to another state, get slim – anything. The main thing to remember here is to set ‘solutions’ as a goal, and not the problem. For example, set a goal to “get fit” or “get slim” but not a goal for “don’t want to stay unhealthy”.

Why should I set the new year goals?

Well, why not? This helps you stay focus through out the year and makes you go in a right direction. It is a human tendency of forgetting what’s important all the time – when we get online, we tend to spend hours on YouTube or FaceBook. When we go to mall, we end up spending half a day roaming around shops we don’t even intend to buy stuff. Same way, through out the year, we tend to loose track of what’s important to us. New year gives us a chance to set goals and keep reminding ourselves about achieving them through out the years.

When should I set new year goals?

There is a saying “Strike when the iron is hot”. Set up goals when you are charged up and most enthusiastic, i.e. starting of the year. January and February every year is the right time to set up new goals and resolutions.

So, spare some time and set up some goals for you. It will be well worth by end of 2010.